What Is a Sentence for Wanton?


The word wanton is an adjective that refers to undisciplined, unruly, lewd, or lustful behavior. Here are two examples of the word wanton in a sentence: 'The wanton destruction of their home left the residents in shock and despair.' and 'The boy's wanton cruelty to animals was not to be tolerated.'
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He showed a wanton lack of concern for the suffering of others.
The young woman was too wanton in her ways, and the old ladies of the town were
As his gaze skimmed the tops of golden sunflowers, he suddenly grew inexplicably furious and wantonly kicked at their stems.
Well, Chinese Restaurants really don't like it when you endanger their wontons, so the penalty may be very harsh! Seriously, though, it depends on a lot of mitigating factors, like,
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wantonly in a sentence
What we believe is beautiful we will not wantonly destroy.
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