How do I find used cars for sale in my area?


Find used cars for sale in your area by looking in the local classified ads of your newspaper. Also, let friends and family know you are looking for a car. They may know someone who has one to sell.
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1. Use a search engine to find auto dealerships within your area. Decide on the distance you are prepared to travel from your zip code and narrow the search to a radius within the
There's lots of used cars listed at for your area, with at least 20
There are several websites online where you can purchase used cars in the Chicago area. Such websites included, DriveChicago, AutoTrader, CarsForSale and EnterpriseCarSales.
1 Calculate the value of your used car. You can do this by using the tools available online at Kelly Blue Book or Edmund's, or scour the local classified ads to see if there are other
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