Useful Applications of Static Electricity?


There is static electricity in lightening and when you rub a balloon on your hair but there are some useful applications of static electricity. One use is smokestacks, this helps with lowering air pollution. Another use is photocopiers, it is static electricity that makes the ink stay on the paper.
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Static electricity is used quite often, but overlooked much of the time. Air filters in our furnaces use static electricity by trapping the dust. Air fresheners also use static energy
1) Electrostatic precipitation uses static electricity and an electrical charge to filter air pollution by charging harmful particles so they are attracted to collection plates. 2
Laser printers use static electricity as the main means of getting the ink from the cartridge onto paper. The revolving drum within the printer holds a positive electrical charge
1. Blow up the balloon and tie it. Ad. 2. Rub the balloon quickly on your hair in a back and forth motion to generate static electricity. 3. Place the balloon on a wall. 4. If the
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Static electricity is caused when materials are pulled apart or rubbed together, causing a positive (+) charge. It is described as the buildup of electrical charges ...
Dry skin rubbing on clothes made of synthetic materials is the greatest cause of building up static electric charges enough to give you a shock. Materials rubbing ...
The best way to measure static electricity is with an Electrometer. If you do not have one, you can estimate it by measuring the gap that the spark leaps. If the ...
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