How to Use Cedar Chips?


A person can utilize Cedar Chips for many purposes such as decorations and to safeguard plants. Cedar chips can also be utilized for rodent control.
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1. Use cedar chips as a decorative filler in areas where you do not wish plants of any sort to grow. Excellent places include around large trees, lining the edges of walkways or garden
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Uses for Cedar Chips
Cedar chips are a useful addition to the garden, primarily as a mulching material. Concerns about cedar chips causing plant toxicity are unfounded, according to an article by Linda Chalker-Scott, a horticulturalist with Washington State University's... More »
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Cedar chips are used as bedding in dog kennels. Some dog breeds develop specific allergies through contact or if they ingest the particles. Despite being used ...
There are several methods that may help get rid of moths. You can use cedar chips to keep them away from your clothes. If the problem is coming from your pantry ...
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