How Are Computers Useful to Communicate to the World?


Computers are very useful to communicate with the world. Communication was revolutionized with the advent of the Internet. We are all connected by it and can instantly chat, share information and understand what is going on clear on the other side of the world. With the amount of information available on a tool like the Internet, computers have empowered people with knowledge.
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Computers communicate through a system called a network. This network can allow Internet access between computers, as well as file sharing.
1. Use the subject line. In order for the recipient to understand the reason for the email correspondence (or to at least gain an idea) it is important to let her know in the subject
you can email people, call on things like skype or msn or send each other files. you can go on social sites like facebook, myspace or bebo etc.
There are several: Prior to the Internet becoming popular people used modems (devices that can transmit data over the existing phone network) to connect directly to what are called
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How to Use Computers in Communication
There are a variety of ways that computers can be used for communication. From instant messaging to video conferencing, computers allow for complex and highly advanced communication. Email is one of the first, and least complicated ways of communicating... More »
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Government employees use computers for communication, word and data processing and project management among other applications. Computers have become part of daily ...
A computer communication device is a tool that enables two or more computers to 'talk' to each other. For the communication to occur, the computers must agree ...
In communication, computers are used on all levels of telephone networks, and some systems can even replace phones entirely. Voice-over-IP networks have become ...
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