Uses of Logic Gates?


A logic gate is an apparatus that uses a logical operation to perform an output. They are primarily used in transistors or diodes. They are used in logic circuits frequently.
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Logic gates are in fact the building block of digital electronics; they are formed by the combination of transistors (either BJT or MOSFET) to realize some digital operations (like
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1. Locate the diagrams for a two-input AND gate and a two-input OR gate. A reference such as The University of Plymouth's "Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates" lists this information
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The XOR gate also known as a EOR gate is a logic gate that implements an exclusive or function; that is there can only be(1) true if one of the inputs to the gate ...
Digital electronics refers to using two valued logic based electronic logic gates such as gates and flip flops. The logic values are presented by different voltages ...
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