Uses of Semiconductors?


Semiconductors are widely used to make electronic devices. They are the materials that allow conductivity between metals and insulators. Mostly used in diodes and transistors.
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Some guitar amplifiers, known as solid-state amps, rely on semiconductors to turn the input signal from an electric guitar into an output signal suitable for performing live in a
Semiconductor diode is use for gating of electrical current (current flow in one direct only)
Here's a grossly oversimplified[3] explanation: The basic building block of computers is a transistor, and that is possible only with a semiconductor. To understand this consider
Semiconductors have been used in power devices, optical sensors, and light
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A semiconductor is a solid substance that can conduct between an insulator and most forms of metal. Examples of semiconductors include silicon, light emitting ...
Computer chips are written on silicon because it is inexpensive and a quality semiconductor. A good semiconductor responds to voltage to allow computers to make ...
Silicon is a metalloid semiconductor that conducts electricity in a very controlled manner. It will conduct electricity relative to how many impurities or dopants ...
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