Uses of Test Tube Holder?


The use of test tube holder is significant in biology and chemistry. The main function is to hold test tubes during various experiments. Some experiments entail heating chemicals and you cannot hold the test tube with your bare hands.
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Test tube holders have much more use in biology than in chemistry. They can allow you to (micro)pipette into many samples at once and generally support many reactions. They allow
1. Use tongs to grab your test tubes at the center. Wrap the tongs around the center, and hold firmly but not too tightly. 2. Keep the test tube angled away from you at all times,
The test tube holder is made out of wire. You hold it in your hand &
Answer metal tongs Answer metal tongs Answer metal tongs
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Uses of a Test Tube Holder
Test tube holders can do a lot more than just be used in a science classroom. The test tube holder's shape gives it a unique quality, perfect for upcycling the test tube holder into something useful and decorative in your home.... More »
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