Usher Hand Signals?


Ushers have a variety of different hand signals for a variety of different situations. For example, when seating your guest, you need to use your left hand. When inviting them into the hall, you need to use your right hand.
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seating the guest :put left hand behind back with right hand extendsed waist line out.sercive position: left hand place in back with hand cupped ad right hand place down the right
1. The first thing the referee should do (as with every violation) is blow their whistle to stop play. 2. The referee should then make a fist one with hand and point it straight into
1. Practically any dog can learn hand signals. 2. To Teach sit, get a small tasty treat such a cheese or chicken and bring your hand behind your dogs head, out of your dogs jumping
Great question! Certain words, symbols or signals can mean different things amongst different cultures. You do have to be careful not to offend. However, there are many signs and
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