Does USPS offer phone discounts to its employees?


The USPS Employee Discount program provides discounts at a variety of different mobile phone providers. In fact, employees of the United States Postal Service can receive discounts at Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile Wireless, Sprint Wireless, and AT&T Wireless. There are also computer deals, Maaco deals, and discounts for operating supplies, in addition to college courses at discounted rates. Some of the colleges include Keiser University, Drexel University, Ashford University, University of Phoenix, and many more.
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There are no USPS employee discounts offered for Cedar Point.
You only get discount off accessories, your plan and only some phones for yourself only. So if you abuse your employee discount by reselling phones, it's most likely a company policy
Sprint Nextel will apply discounts to five lines of service. If a request is made for over five lines then additional credit information is needed.
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