What does "USPS origin post is preparing shipment" mean?


The USPS delivery status "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" means the package is being fully prepared before it is shipped out. This status is common when a package is being sent from one country to another.

Foreign shipping companies consolidate a number of packages into one shipping container before it is sent to another country. This is the most common reason for the "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" status. This status is also the last status before the package enters the mail stream of the destination country. The amount of time a package stays on this status largely depends on how many packages are coming from the originating country to the destination country.

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Origin post would be the place that is shipping it. It means they haven't mailed it yet. Or haven't notified USPS that they mailed it.
It means that the item is already in the country to which it was sent to. So, if you had ordered something from Canada, and you live in the United States, it means that the item is
It means that where you ordered
It means it's still in the UK, at the parcel office. Depending on the time window they give, it could be waiting a few days before it gets loaded on an aircraft with other cargo.
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