What are the USPS rules regarding marking mail "return to sender"?


The USPS has many rules regarding what mail can be marked as 'return to sender.' The United States Postal Service will return things to the sender if they have been marked 'return to sender' by the recipient, and returned back to the Post Office. Other reasons include if the item inside the package is missing, if the address is invalid, or if the postage is insufficient. Insufficient addresses normally do not include the zip code or apartment number.
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You can't. You received the service you paid for. It is not USPS fault or responsibility that the addressee did not claim the item in a timely manner. It actually costs USPS money
It is illegal to tamper with the mail. Mail tampering includes opening, destroying, damaging or taking into possession mail that is not addressed to you without the implied consent
I have worked at the post office for 30yrs. I sort mail overnight so I do know what I am talking about. As long as your package has a proper return address you should get back without
Usually a week or so. But every once in awhile, mail is returned from a post office box that could be up to a year old. The way this happens is that the mail is properly addressed
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How to Return a Letter to Its Sender
The United States Postal Service has long been known for its reliability and ease of use. Senders, however, are not always known for their reliability. When a piece of mail is unsolicited, unneeded or otherwise unwanted you can simply return it to the... More »
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