What is a USPS tracking number?


A USPS tracking number is a series of numerals allocated to individual parcels by the United States Postal Service to keep a record of where parcels are once they are shipped. A USPS tracking number consists of 22 numerals.

Tracking numbers used by USPS are displayed as five groups of four numerals each plus two numbers on the end. One example would be 9202 0021 3467 8765 3200 46. Tracking numbers are printed onto self-adhesive labels that also comprise a barcode.

Once the parcel with a tracking number has been accepted by USPS, the code is entered at each location on the parcel's journey from origin to destination. Parcels can be tracked by senders and recipients through the USPS online tracking service.

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1. Make note of your tracking number when you mail your package. The USPS website notes this information can be located on the package label before mailing, or on your receipt. If
A USPS tracking number is used to find out the status of a delivery. Using the USPS tracking number one can confirm whether a parcel has been delivered or find out where the parcel
You can check USPS' own webpage for the formats of their tracking numbers and what they stand for. https://tools.usps.com/go. /TrackC.
If you have questions about your USPS shipment, you can call USPS
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How to Find a USPS Tracking Number
The United States Postal Service offers online package tracking for individuals and businesses. Tracking can help both sender and receiver ensure that the package delivery has occurred on schedule. The tracking number appears in a few different places,... More »
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