How to Install Coax Cable between Utility Poles?


To install coax cable between utility poles, you need a ladder, messenger RG-6 coaxial wire, machine bolt and J-Hook. Do brief survey of the area for planning the process and place the cable caddy next to the cable drop. Place the ladder against the first pole, climb it and drill a hole into the side of the pole. Insert the machine bolt through the J-Hook hole, hammer it and place in one square bolt after another and clamping each time. Finally, attach the messenger wires to the clamp above the J-Hook and tighten firmly.
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1. Select your wooden pole. In your selection consider the type and weight of the utility wire you will be running from it. You'll want a 14-foot pole, figuring that three to four
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the pole itself is worth about 100 to 150 dollars .the meter base is free and is given away by the utility companies to anyone needing one.the 200 amp disconnect box, conduit and
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