How to Install Coax Cable between Utility Poles?


To install coax cable between utility poles, you need a ladder, messenger RG-6 coaxial wire, machine bolt and J-Hook. Do brief survey of the area for planning the process and place the cable caddy next to the cable drop. Place the ladder against the first pole, climb it and drill a hole into the side of the pole. Insert the machine bolt through the J-Hook hole, hammer it and place in one square bolt after another and clamping each time. Finally, attach the messenger wires to the clamp above the J-Hook and tighten firmly.
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1. Select your wooden pole. In your selection consider the type and weight of the utility wire you will be running from it. You'll want a 14-foot pole, figuring that three to four
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It may be a DCU (Data Collector Unit) for your local electric utility. At least in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Gas & Electric has replaced most old electric meters with
The average distance between utility poles ranges from 325 feet to 340
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