Vaginal Discharge after Ovulation?


Vaginal discharge just prior to and during ovulation will contain thinner mucus. It is usually white to clear in coloring. After ovulation, some women will not longer experience vaginal discharge until the next time the ovulate. However, some women often have vaginal discharge during their entire menstrual cycle.
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Right before your fertile period you should start getting a sort of creamy white discharge, sometimes very wet. On the few days you are to ovulate the discharge should become very
Vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis
It's at regular cycles, you can never tell exactly when.
Dear Kerry, It's hard to tell from your description, but the vaginal discharge sounds normal. It sounds like you are passing some leftover "decidua" - the thin (but durable
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The brownish sticky vaginal discharge in women is normal especially after ovulation. It is associated with some kind of old tissues that occur mostly when women ...
Vaginal discharge changes throughout the cycle. Just after ovulation, the discharge tends to be thicker and less in quantity. ...
Vaginal discharge can change after conception. You may find an increase in the amount. You may also see a change in color form a pinkish-brown to a milky white. ...
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