How do I Replace the MXM on a Sony Vaio SZ6?


1. Shut down the computer. Unplug the power cable and external devices from the laptop. Close the display panel, and place the laptop face down. Slide the battery pack's locking lever to the right so it's in the unlocked position. Remove the battery
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It appears to be a fairly new laptop with DDR2 Memory. There should be an access cover on the bottom of the laptop. One cover for the memory and one for the Hard Drive. Use a little
The hard drive is accessed from underneath laptop. Flip
Call Sony Vaio and they will send you the original DVD Recovery disks for like $40. They are expensive, but they are not copies.
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laptops are getting cheaper nowadays and make sure you check the after christmas sale. I currently have a sony vaio sz-110 and it worked best for me. It has a ...
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