How to Decorate a Valentine Shoebox?


A Valentine's Day box can easily be made from an old shoebox. Cut a slit in the top of the box that is big enough for valentines to be deposited. Decorate the box in a Valentine's theme, such as hearts and flowers.
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1. Remove the lid from the shoebox. Cover the lid with construction paper and glue it in place. Place a ruler in the middle of the lid and draw a rectangle 3 in. by 7 in. with a pencil
One may find "ShoeBox" for iPhone in the Apple App store. One may also find a link to this application through the manufacturers site "1000 Memories"
1. Get a box. Make sure the box isn't too big. Ad. 2. Make a hole in the box. Make sure that the hole is big enough to put a card in. 3. Decorate the box yourself or let the children
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To make a diorama in a shoe box you will need to gather a box, lots of construction paper, scissors, crayons or colored markers and glue. Draw your own design ...
Make a car out of a shoebox by drawing the front of the car on the short end of the shoe box. Then cut out and paste on some tires, or draw these on the long sides ...
There are many Valentine box ideas available specifically for boys. Some men prefer to make nontraditional boxes for their Valentine's Day card boxes to look like ...
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