How should you plan a romantic scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day?


The steps to plan a romantic scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day are to buy the items that are meant to be hidden; make up the clues for the hunt; plan the route for the partner to follow; and stage the hunt to take place somewhere romantic. To be on the safe side, the planner should do a test run to make sure everything works out as planned.

According to, location is the most important factor in planning a romantic scavenger hunt on Valentine's Day. The proper location immediately puts your partner in an emotional state that complement's the Valentine's Day feel. However, some relationships thrive when an element of shock is introduced. This means that the significance of an event grows stronger when one is surprised by what the other does. So when dealing with location, a man could surprise his partner by giving her clues to a location that she may be unfamiliar with. Doing that makes her question what he's doing. As the hunt progresses, the shock factor builds to make a great romantic scavenger hunt. Another idea is to incorporate loved ones if available. Children, for example, tend to be great participants in a scavenger hunt. They could play the role as facilitators as the romantic hunt progresses.

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