Valuable Quarters?


Quarters are only valuable if they are uncirculated or rare. The year quarters that are valuable are 1932D quarters and 1932S quarters. They are worth around $5 or the cost of silver. Some collectors however may be willing to pay more for them.
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They aren't. A lot of 1972 quarters were minted, none of them contain silver. They are worth only $25.
Sadly, bicentennial quarters (made in 1975-1976) are only worth the 25 cents
It's probably pure silver so at least $5.00. Other than that it depends on where it was minted and it's current condition, degree of wear and such. You would have to go to a coin
Hi Jeff, Most likely the most valuable quarter out there is a priceless keepsake given by someone special. Looking at it from a collector stand point. One of the most sought after
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The 2004-D Wisconsin state quarter with an extra leaf is one of the most valuable coins circulated through the US today. This is because this coin had a very unique ...
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