Valuable TY Beanie Babies?


The Princess Bear is the most valuable of the TY Beanie Babies, as of 2012.  This bear has a value of around $8,000, if it is the correct production of the bears. The values of these Beanies can be found in the TY Beanie Baby Value Guide.
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Spot was born on Halloween in 1995 and shares the same
They were very popular collectors items back in the day. A Princess Diana bear sold for over $350,000. The ones that are most valuable are the ones with mistakes on the tags. Without
The condition of the toys are ranked like other collectibles: mint, near mint, excellent, good, etc. A Beanie Baby's value goes up the closer it looks to having come right out of
1. Get some Beanies. You can't start a collection without actually owning any beanies. You can get them from stores like the Stadium, Hallmark stores, many gift shops, or, if you
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When it comes to rare TY Beanie Babies, all 1st Generation swing tag Beanies are very hard to find in mint condition. The list includes, Punchers, Brownie, Cubbie ...
There is no real value presently as of today January 16, 2013 on TY Beanie Babies. This was a rage about 16 years ago when people were purchasing these adorable ...
The most valuable Beanie Babie is the dark version of the Royal Blue Elephant. Nana the monkey is part of the most valuable Beanie Baby list. The lobster is also ...
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