Value Mickey Mantle Autograph?


A Mickey Mantle autograph is very valuable, however the value depends on what is autographed. For instance, a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball is worth $700 or more. A Mickey Mantle autographed photo can be worth over $1000. Obviously, the better condition the item and the autograph, the higher the value.
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Mickey Mantle Signed Items. Signatures will vary in price based on. condition. the. type of authenticity. that accompanies the signature, the item signed. and how well the item displays
Prices for an autographed Mickey Mantle ball range from $500
topps card number 135 1500.00 in near mint condition 900.00 in good condition
Mickey Mantle New York Yankees Team signed Baseball. The baseball you have could be from 1951 -1968, the Years Mickey Mantle played. The value could range anywhere between $300. -
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A signed Mickey Mantle baseball glove can be worth over $1,000. There are several autographed baseballs for sale, but very few gloves, making it more valuable. ...
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