What is the value of a 1922 Liberty dollar?


The 1922 liberty dollar is also known as a peace dollar. This particular coin was originally worth only $1, but it currently goes for anywhere from $28-$500 in March 2013. The coin is 90% silver and there were 51,737,000 of them produced in 1922. It is very likely that several of the coins never reached circulation, were melted, or were destroyed. The large amount of coins created decreases this liberty dollar's value in comparison to other editions.
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6-10-11> The coin is NOT an Liberty silver dollar, it's a PEACE dollar (1921-1935) and assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, retail values are $36.00-40.00, this
A 1922 Peace Circulated Silver % One Dollar
The hair over Liberty's eye is well worn and many of the eagle's feathers can no longer be seen in this condition. Coins at this grade are usually valued at $10 to $18. Liberty's
The 1922 Peace dollar is very common. The mint mark if any is on the eagle side below the word ONE. The D and S have lower mintage's but unless the coins are in mint state have no
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