What is the value of a 1943 silver wheat penny?


The 1943 steel penny is valued at anywhere from $0.45 for a decent one to $10.00 for one that is in perfect condition. If it is a Seattle Mint, the value would increase to $25.00 for perfect condition. There was not a silver or aluminum penny. Steel was used as the replacement for copper during World War II.
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It's made of steel, not silver, and it's shiny because it's plated in zinc. If it still has a full zinc coating, it's worth around 50 cents.
Yes,the value in very fine condition for a 1943 wheat penny is
The 1943 pennies are made of steel not silver. Even in very high grade, the coins have a value of 10 to 20 dollars.
It's not silver, it's steel. During the war copper was needed for other things so the '43 pennies were made from steel. You know it's worth at least 1 cent. Value depends on the grade
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