Value of a 1942 Steel Penny?


There are no steel pennies with that date imprint on them. If such an item were to actually exist, it would have a market value three cents. This means it would have a much higher market value than an actual one cent penny.
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The US only made steel cents in 1943. Any silver-colored cents dated 1942 are plated. You can always use a magnet to test a suspected steel coin. If it doesn't stick to a magnet it's
1. Grade the condition of the coin. The four main grades of coins are Good (G) Fine (F) Extra Fine (XF) and Uncirculated (U) Uncirculated coins look much like they did when they left
Is the 1942 dime a Mercury Dime? If so prices range from $2 to $400. The
Go to the sites below to find prices> There
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A 1942 penny is worth at least £1.53. Coins from the 1940's are very much in demand and their value is determined by the mint that manufactured or made ...
The value of a 1942 wheat penny will vary based on the coin's condition. The minimum value as of 2012 is 35 cents. The maximum value for a coin in near perfect ...
The 1943 steel wheat penny has a face value of only one cent, however, it can be worth between 45 cents to ten dollars. There are no mint marks on this coin and ...
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