Value of Antique Fire Extinguisher?


The value of an antique fire extinguisher depends on the rarity and age. Usually they are not worth a whole lot because there are so many on the market. Often they go for under $100. You should get an appraisal from a local antique dealer.
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Much like modern ones, antique fire extinguishers used a range of extinguishing agents. Carbon tetrachloride, water, and carbon dioxide were most common. Carbon tetrachloride is a
The "blaze killers" is sold at $35. The garage sale will be on Thu, Apr 28th - Sat, Apr 30th 8am - 4pm 158 Cobham Lane Sun Prairie, WI. report this answer. Updated on Monday
The market is flooded with old fire extinguishers. Many list'...
Here's a poster advertising a Patrol brand extinguisher, selling for $18.…. If your extinguisher is from the early 1900's, it could
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