Value of Antique Wooden Ice Box?


An antique wooden ice box is the historical equivalent of a refrigerator. The value of an old wooden ice box is dependent on its condition and manufacturer. Antique ice boxes are commonly up for auction on eBay and are generally valued at anywhere from $100-$8,500. The most expensive ice boxes tend to be created by popular companies, over a century old, large, and have unique engravings in the wood. Not all antique ice boxes are made out of wood.
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1. Place the icebox on the dropcloth in a well-ventilated area. 2. Wash the ice box, inside and out, with warm soapy water. Let dry. 3. Remove the shelves. Also, use the screwdriver
24 dollars.
not allot of money. just because you looked on the net you did not look in the right place. concrete andswer maybe 5-10.00 there were lots made and lots around.
Considering the Buffalo Bolt Company
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Old ice boxes can be of value if they are still in good condition. The body should not be rusted or have holes for optimal value. Knowing the manufacturer of the ...
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