Value of Arrowheads?


Arrowheads values depend on which type one requires. An arrowhead is a type of weapon with a tip, which is usually sharpened at the edges. Dallas, hanna, afton and fish spear are good examples of arrow heads. You can learn more about the arrowheads at
Q&A Related to "Value of Arrowheads?"
1. Sort through your artifacts. Arrowheads are not generally valuable. Most items in personally found collections have minimal value. 2. Photograph with a digital camera the items
Simple Answer: From $10.00 on E-bay to Priceless (an American Indian opinion) or even $20,000.00 in fines and 2 years in prison. See caveat's below. . Pro's: United States Law (United
My feeling would be to a) ask your relative for any information they have about it (Where did they get it from? Do they know how old it is? Do they know anything about its origins
There is no one answer to that question. It's like asking what is the value of an American house. It all depends on condition, size, and rarity. Yes there are many less desirable
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