What are the value of basketball cards?


Determining the value of specific basketball cards is challenging even for professionals. Cards that are old, feature especially famous players, are in mint condition, and are autographed are worth significantly more than new cards. Basketball trading cards that were not largely mass produced are also more valuable. The average card from the 1980s will go for anywhere from $0.50-$30.00, while an authentic autograph will largely increase the card's worth. A card that is in poor condition tends to only be worth a few cents, even when it is older and features a prominent basketball player.
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1. Establish the year and manufacturer of your basketball card by examining the card's back, where the maker and year will be identified. Estimate the card's condition by consulting
Value of a Basketball Rookie Card. There is no specific answer for this question - it depends on the the the player, the condition, and the current going rate for that specific player
its a collectors quarterly shaquille o'neal card. it has no date and no serial number, but on the back it does say prototype # 1. on the front its all sparkly lookin with shaq in
1 Think where you could get some cards. From your Dad maybe your Mom or someone else. Finding some cards like 1 or 2 could get your collection going. Ad 2 Think where could I get
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