What is the value of friendship?


Friendship is valuable because it can provide social, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits for an individual when friends are positive influences. Friendship is an important aspect of a healthy social life, and friends help people to feel better and cope with the ups and downs of life.

According to Psych Central, friendship is even good for one's health and vitality in many areas throughout life. Positive friendships are enriching, and good friends are committed to helping one another in any type of situation. Friends can provide meaningful insight and advice to help one solve complex problems. An encouraging friend can also be a spiritual partner and a source of motivation. When romantic relationships end or tragedies occur, friendships can help to provide healing

In addition to the physical, emotional and social benefits of friendships, friends can also provide career and networking advantages for their companions. Friends in high places offer connections that can lead to faster career advancement, higher social status, and even a better business reputation. People who lack friendships can become lonely, withdrawn individuals who miss out on some of the most fulfilling relationships in life. The number of friends one has does not matter as much as the quality of friends they possess. Even a few genuine friends in one’s life can make a supreme difference over hundreds of fellow associates.

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Friendship and companionship.
The best friend is the single most important female friend every woman has,
Extremely important. I've always had a best friend and it helps to have someone you can turn to, if needed.
Many relationships between friends have a competitive edge to them. Think about it-two athletes, two beauty queens, to honor students-they are in friendly competition daily for the
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