What is the value of a gold replica stamp?


The value of gold replica stamps depends on which type you're talking about. There is a set of 90 22K gold replica stamps that cost $399. A single one was found to be selling for $23. The value is what someone is willing to pay.
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Almost nothing. These replicas have a layer of gold on the foil that is an atom or two thick. It is not really measurable and it would take thousands of them to make an amount worth
Does the item have the 22 carat mark? What is it a replica
Mary, The amount of gold in gold stamp replicas is actually quite miniscule, and thus the value of such material does not fluctuate with the gold market. Stamp replica covers sell
In my opinion, the value of the gold is negligible, and the value of the stamp isn't much more than face value. There are hundreds of gold stamp replicas for sale on eBay, and most
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