How can I find the value of Homer Laughlin china?


The value of Homer Laughlin china varies with the age, condition and the pattern of different pieces. Even though the company began production in Ohio in the 1870s, most people know the company through their popular Fiestaware. Since values fluctuate, it is best to keep track of them through online auction sites and local collectors and appraisers.
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1. Locate any numbers, letters or trademark stamps on the bottom of the pottery or china. If you have an older piece, you may need to carefully clean the pottery to be able to inspect
Depends on the pattern. Is this Tulip pattern, for example? Also very much depends on condition. Is the gold worn off in places around the rim?
You can find the replacement value at Replacements Ltd.…. You can call them to ask for an estimate on what they would pay you if you
Fiesta Dinnerware Color 2011 - Marigold: As part of their 75th Anniversary celebrations, Homer Laughlin has released a new color to their iconic Fiesta® tabletop - Marigold. Warm
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