What is the value of Jim Beam decanters?


As of 2014, a Jim Beam decanter may be valued at anywhere from less than $10 up to $200. The value of the decanter may fluctuate over time and usually depends on the age and condition of the decanter and demand for the specific item.

The Jim Beam company began making specific decanters in the 1950s in hopes of more effectively marketing their product. There are more than 15 categories of bottles. The "States" and "Wheels" collections seem to be most popular among Jim Beam decanter collectors and are the two categories in which values seem to increase at the most steady pace. The bottles come in various shapes and sizes. The company no longer mass produces decanters but releases limited edition items regularly.

Owners interested in pricing their Jim Beam decanter should consult a current pricing guide or connect with one of the Jim Beam Bottle and Specialty Club branches.

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