What Is the Value of the Bicentennial Kennedy Fifty Cent Piece?


The Kennedy half dollar was minted in 1976 to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial. According to cointrackers.com, a bicentennial Kennedy half dollar can fetch between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on its condition.
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You have to know its date, condition, and mint mark. For most circulated ones the following rough guide applies: 1964 : about $7 for its silver content (90% pure) 1965-69 : about
Kennedy had actually replaced Benjamin Franklin on the 50-cent piece
1. Calculate the melt value of a Kennedy fifty-cent piece for its silver content. If the coin is dated 1964, it contains 90 percent silver. Coins dated 1965 to 1970, contain 40 percent
About a dollar depending on its condition. BTW, the coin is called a. nickel. rather than "nickle"
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The value of Kennedy fifty cent pieces have a very large range. The prices can go as high as 30,000 to as low as face value of the coin which is .50 cents.
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