What Is the Value of the Bicentennial Kennedy Fifty Cent Piece?


The Kennedy half dollar was minted in 1976 to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial. According to cointrackers.com, a bicentennial Kennedy half dollar can fetch between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on its condition.
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You have to know its date, condition, and mint mark. For most circulated ones the following rough guide applies: 1964 : about $7 for its silver content (90% pure) 1965-69 : about
Kennedy had actually replaced Benjamin Franklin on the 50-cent piece
1. Calculate the melt value of a Kennedy fifty-cent piece for its silver content. If the coin is dated 1964, it contains 90 percent silver. Coins dated 1965 to 1970, contain 40 percent
Actually the half dollar minted in 1835 was called: the Capped Bust Half Dollar - if your coin is in at least good condition (G4), its value is about $ 60.00. In better condition
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The value of Kennedy fifty cent pieces have a very large range. The prices can go as high as 30,000 to as low as face value of the coin which is .50 cents.
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