Value of Mikimoto Pearls?


Kokichi Mikimoto is the name of the oyster farmer that perfected the Mikimoto pearl. Mikimoto pearls are considered by many to be the world's finest pearls. Pearls are produced when an irritant gets into an oyster shell. To rid itself of the irritant, the oyster shell exudes a substance called Nacre. This Nacre covers the irritant over months and years until the shell is forced open. This hardened Nacre is what forms the pearl. Kokichi Mikimoto, intentionally introduces and irritant into the shell and carefully controlled the outside surroundings to perfect his pearls. Today, the value of an authentic Mikimoto pearl could be in the $10,000.00 dollar range.
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1. Visit a Mikimoto store location. Stores are located in Las Vegas, New York, Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills. If you do not live near a store, you can contact jewelry stores in your
I am not sure, but my Mikimoto 1964, 18 inch was appraised at $1400. in 1980. These pearls were of the bet qualityand color and were graduated in size. Hope this helps.
Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person to create man made pearls. Mikimoto pearls have a
Greetings Emorgan: Impeccable taste - adore Mikimoto pearls personally. Have the necklace appraised by a reputable appraiser. I never trust a single appraiser and will take it
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The Value of Mikimoto Pearls
Mikimoto pearls are considered by most experts to be the finest cultured pearls in the world. The pearls are the product of exhaustive research and experimentation by pearl expert Kokichi Mikimoto, and his pearls stand alone in beauty and value. Real... More »
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