Value of Old Blue Canning Jars?


The value of old blue canning jars is not very much. There are other canning jars out there that are worth much more. As of March 2013, the value of a quart sized, old blue Ball mason jar is around $20 dollars in mint condition. Many times, they are sold for between $3 and $8 dollars a piece. A more rare and valuable canning jar is those that were released that have the words on the jar misspelled. Those are very rare and hard to find, but much more valuable to a collector.
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It's worth about $20.00 depending on it's condition. The number on the bottom usually represents the number of the glass blower. The glass blower would be able to keep account of
Blue canning jars, most notably, the Ball brand indicate
Some person somewhere will pay two bits for it. I would pay twice that.….
A lot of people assume that because something is old that it is worth a lot of money. This just isn't always the case. As far as a blue ball ideal July 14 1908 canning jar, you can
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The value of blue mason jars varies depending on the size, condition, craftsmanship, and whether or not the original lid comes with the jar. Blue mason jars that ...
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A blue ball mason canning jar that is in good condition will typically net $1 - $2. There are some much rarer jars out there, for example those with miss-spellings ...
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