Value of Old Foreign Coins?


To find the value of old foreign coins, you can take the coins to a collector or appraiser. These people will often know exactly what a coin is worth. You can also find the value by comparing the coin to similar coins at places like World Coin Gallery.
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1. Try to identify your coin based on visual information. Determine if the coin is modern in design or old or ancient. Try to identify from the writing what country the coin is from
It depend on the country, date, denomination, condition, and mintmark. Post a new question with more information. See the related link below for more information.
Hi Perry, this is a copper 6 tornesi from the Italian kingsom of Naples and features king Ferdinando IV (1759-1805) It may be worth about $3 with heavy wear to around $20 with moderate
1. Determine if the coin is an official U. S. Mint product. Look for telltale signs of validation such as the "In God We Trust" engraving if the coin was made after 1866
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