Value of Old Kodak Cameras?


The value of old Kodak cameras depends on the model of camera. The Eastman Kodak company has been producing many different types of cameras for many years. The older the camera is can many times mean the more value the camera has. Collectors find many types of cameras in higher demand than others and as such, their value is much more. Kodak Brownie cameras, the Ektra line of cameras and the Matchbox and Medalist lines are some of the most valuable cameras.
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Not much, probably around $5-20 depending.
An auction lists the starting bid for a 1913 Kodak camera at
1. Replace the camera's batteries with a fresh set. Most of Kodak's compact digitals are powered by AA alkaline cells. If your camera uses a rechargeable battery pack, give it a full
George Eastman - born in 1854 in Waterville, invented the Kodak Camera, and
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