How can you find the value of old marbles?


You can value old marbles by checking the condition of the marble, its size and the swirl design that it may contain. Use a loupe magnifying glass to check for scratches or pits. Use a marble identification guide book to narrow down the value of old marbles.
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1. The better the condition of the marble, the higher the probable value. Examine the marble with the magnifying glass. Look for marks, or subsurface moons, chips, flakes or bruises
what ever the person buying the marble is willing to pay.
Marbles come in all sorts of colors, materials, etc. Some marbles can be quite sought after. A marble collector can and do pay $$$$$$for, rare and unique marbles of yesteryear. Go
That is great that this is an original, I have seen many fakes, since it is not signed it is certainly what would be considered original Universelle Exposition memorabilia and it
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How to Value Old Marbles
Vintage marbles were beautifully made, with swirls of colors inside thick glass. They are superior to today's play marbles; the colorings and patterns inside the marbles resembled the blown art glass of the time with a deeper incision of colors. Vintage... More »
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