Value of Wild Turkey Decanters?


There is no fixed value of the Wild Turkey Decanters with Chicks. It all depends on the year of manufacture, the condition of the decanter and how much the seller wants for it. You can expect the decanter to fetch anything from $20 to several thousands.
Q&A Related to "Value of Wild Turkey Decanters?"
If you are refering to 1984 hen and poults #6 $250.00.
Do you mean like the ones in liquor stores? They have collectible decanters this time of year. Or there is always Ebay!
What is the value of a New England Firearms single shot 243 handi rifle with a laminated stock stamped National wild turkey
These bottles are generally available after being drained because any liquid inside will corrode the China from the inside thereby ruining it. A full bottle does not sell for a higher
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