What Kind of Alcohol Is in Vanilla Extract?


Usually the kind of alcohol that can be used to make vanilla extract is bottom shelf vodka. Although bourbon, rum and brandy can also be used.
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Vanilla Extract
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To make vanilla extract, split vanilla beans with a knife. Fill a jar with vodka and place vanilla beans inside. Close lid and store for up to 2 months, occasionally stirring. Look
Although 35% is the standard alcohol requirement, premium vanilla
There are 1.5 grams of alcohol in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. One teaspoon has 12.5 calories.
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Arizona Vanilla Company, ( www.arizonavanilla.com) offers a vanilla that is made without alcohol. It cannot be called pure vanilla extract, but it has only three ...
1. Dilute the flavor of alcohol-based vanilla extracts by stirring in small amounts of whatever alcohol was used (whether it be rum, bourbon or vodka) to steep ...
Drinking vanilla extract is not dangerous in the sense that it will not kill you. However, there is alcohol in vanilla extract, so you may get drunk. Some vanilla ...
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