To apply Varathane, use a paint stick so that the wood stain can be stirred up. A paintbrush can be used to dab it against the stain. The stain is to be brushed in a direction that is along the grain. Another coat of stain can be applied after a couple of hours have passed.
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1. Go over the floor with your hammer and nailset, sinking any raised nail heads or other obstructions that might tear your sandpaper. Thoroughly clean and sweep the floor. 2. Set
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I would check with a paint store that I trust. . Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment. CynthiaCharleen. 34 months ago.
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Applying Varathane by stiring the wood dye carefully with a paint stick then dip a clean paintbrush in the stain, covering about ½-inch of the tip of the ...
The main difference between Varathane and urethane, is that Varathane is a brand name, while urethane is a compound. Varathane is commonly known for their wood ...
There is a Varathane wood floor restoring system from Rust-Oleum. It says there is no need to sand the floors which will save time. The kit is fairly simple to ...
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