Vauxhall Combo?


The Vauxhall Combo is a type of car. It is the same car that is called the Opel Combo. The type of oil to use for a vauxhall combo is the 10/40 semi synthetic oil.
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Up to 2005 build, 10/40 semi synthetic. From 2006 Build, 5/40 fully synthetic long life oil. To work out build date, read the 10th digit of the chassis/frame/vin number. (starts WOlO
HI. so we have a Combo which is commercial, then we have 1.7D which means it is diesel. then we have the possibility it has a turbo to make it as fast as a petrol engine. so diesel
Jack car up ,remove the wheels then take a brake drum off and clean the shoes off and make sure wheel cylinder is free on both pistons ,then clean the rusty lip off with a small angle
Nothing to do with the filter your sucking air into the fuel system , make sure that the filter and all the fuel feed pipes are tight also bleed the injector pump.until you get rid
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The flasher unit on a Vauxhall combo van is located under the bonnet, adjacent to the battery on the right hand side. It is contained in a black weather resistant ...
Im no Mechanic but i read it somewhere that its ment to be 5w 30.. ...
The oil filter is inside the domed cover with spanner hexagon ,located between rocker cover and bulkhead Lee ...
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