Vegetable Leaves Turning Yellow?


Nutrient deficiencies can be the reason for vegetable leaves turning yellow. You will need to get a fertilizer that has the nutrients needed for the plants. Nutrients that plants need include calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper, and magnesium.
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Vegetable plants are often afflicted with disease. Mildew, leaf spots, rot, wilt and viruses are just a few of the diseases that may develop on your plants. Fungus, bacteria and parasites
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Too much water can dilute the mineral content in the soil. In this case, what's turning it yellow could be one of two things: the lack of nitrogen in the soil (be it caused by repeated
This is called Chlorosis and it means the green chlorophyll is not present. All you are seeing is the other leaf pigments that are normally not noticable because they are masked
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