Are there any vegetables that start with an "X"?


There are actually a few lesser known vegetables that begin with the letter x. A Chinese Watermelon is a fruit that begins with x, it's name is Xigua. Another tree that grows in Africa produces an edible fruit and is named Ximenia.
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There are none that start with the letter "x"
I was unable to find any vegetables that start with an X. I was able to find several
Xylocarp is a food that starts with the letter X. It is a plant that bears a hard, woody fruit, similar to a coconut. It lies dormant in the winter and blooms in the spring months
1. Buy the proper vegetable seeds. Look for seeds that will prosper in your geographical area. Most seed packets provide this information on the back of their package. In addition
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One fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter "X" is the xigua. Other examples of fruits or vegetables that begin with an "X" include ...
Some fruits and vegetables starting with the letter X include Xerophyte, Xilang and Xo-mo-tri. There is also Xigua, which is a watermelon kind of fruit and Ximenia ...
There are actually more than 20 jobs that start with the letter X. They include an x-ray operator, x-ray technician, xylotomist, x-ray equipment inspector, xerox ...
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