Vegetation in Fiji?


The Republic of Fiji Islands is known for the beautiful and lush tropical vegetation. There are a number of palms that are located on the island of Fiji that include: the fishtail palm, coconut palm, and the Fiji fan palm. Ferns make up a good part of the rainforest part of the islands. Night blooming island jasmine, pinecone ginger, beach morning glory, and over 200 species of orchids grow in the Fiji islands and are beautiful to see.
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Curry, Rice, dhal, roti, mangos,papaya. And the most important one is UR mom.
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well.. being an archipelago of islands in the pacific ocean.... its vegetation is quite luxurious!! -- it is a group of volcanic islands, with lush exotic vegetation fiji in its all
Taro, Pineapple, Watermelon, Kava, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Cassava, Coconut, Banana, Guava, Orange, Mandarine, Potatoes and Chili Peppers. Source(s)
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