Vehicle Mileage Log?


A vehicle mileage log is kept in a vehicle to assist the driver in keeping a log of the miles traveled in a certain vehicle. This mileage log can also assist the driver or an automobile technician keep track of when a scheduled or recommended maintenance needs to be performed. Over the road truck drivers are one such driver that keep a vehicle mileage log in their trucks. This helps them to calculate mileage so they can be paid the correct amount when delivering goods for companies.
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1. Choose whether to use a spreadsheet or calendar to record your miles. 2. Record the date, the beginning and ending odometer readings and the purpose of all business related travel
The vehicles that currently get the best gas mileage are the small cars with the size of 4 cylinders or smaller. They get at least 5 miles per gallon.
There are two meanings actually. Mileage is sometimes loosely used to mean fuel economy (miles per gallon) and at other times it is used to mean the distance a certain vehicle has
The U.S. Department of Energy has published a list of fuel consumption figures for 2011 Model Year vehicles. The list can be found here - http://www.fueleconomy.go. v/feg/F. 2-seaters
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