What are Vellux blankets?


According to the BedBathAndBeyond.com, a Vellux blanket is a plush and soft blanket that users can expect to become softer after each time they wash it.

Vellux blankets are recommended for individuals who suffer from allergies and for younger children, as the blankets are designed to withstand frequent washing and drying. This makes them especially effective against dust mites. In addition, the blankets are extremely cozy, durable and lightweight, which makes them a perfect choice for comfort throughout the year. AchooAllergy.com carries vellux blankets in king, queen and twin sizes, and sells them in the following colors: tan, chocolate, wedgewood blue, moss, navy and ivory.

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Well, Vellux prides itself on the feel of their blankets and their blankets are the softest because the fabric is velvet. In, addition Vellux blankets provide a person with warmth
It's better to buy through online stores like ebay or amazon.
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