Velocity Versus Time Graphs?


A graph of velocity versus time can show the speed of an object. For example if the object is moving faster, slowing down, or moving at a steady speed. The graph is used to illustrate motion.
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Note that the graph can't show velocity, only speed. The slope of the graph is the magnitude of acceleration. The area under the graph is distance covered.
The slope of the line is equal to the acceleration of the
1. Create a chart on a piece of graph paper. Draw a box that is 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Label the bottom horizontal line as "X. Label the left horizontal line as "
The slope of the velocity-time graph is the acceleration. this is because the slope is defined as delta y/delta x. and the y is the velocity while the x is the time: delta v/ delta
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Deceleration is decrease in velocity with time. On a velocity time graph it is represented by smooth line showing a decrease in velocity on the horizontal axis ...
The velocity time graph is a representation of an object`s speed against the time the object took to reach a certain place. This representation is done on a square ...
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