What is the traditional clothing of Venezuela?


In every day life the people of Venezuela wear clothing similar to that of those in the United States. Traditional clothing for women is a long frilly skirt and an off the shoulder blouse. For men traditional dress is an all white suit.
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para las mujeres es un vestido o una blusa y falda. Para los hombres, normalmente llevando un traje blanco. Spanish to English translation: For women it's a dress or a blouse and
Hey, I'mnot sure what you mean by traditional clothes, but we've got a typical dress for men who is called "liki-liki" and is kind of a white suit without tie nad is made
Venezuelan people wear exactly the same clothes you wear... It is to say, slacks, pants, hot pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank shirts, miniskirts, long skirts, leggings, whatever
just like everyone else, depending on how much money they have or need. I do have horror stories from there too. horror to me, necessity for them. one eg. would be renting or selling
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