Ventral Thecal Sac?


The ventral thecal sac is a membrane that encompasses both the spinal cord and cauda equina (a term used to collectively refer to loose nerve endings found in the thecal sac of the lumbar region). This sac is filled with cerebral spinal fluid and protects these spinal nerves especially in the lumbar region of the human spine which has no structural protective spinal cord, unlike the cervical and thoracic regions. The thecal sac consists of dura mater in all three spinal regions and helps not only cushion the cauda equina but also provides protection for the entire lumbar spinal region which holds five of the twenty-three total discs found in the human spine.
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It is where the nerves go and spinal fluid is and protects spinal cord.
In the lumbar spine, there is no spinal cord. Instead the nerve roots hang like a
The thecal sac is associated with the lumbar spine. It is a sac filled with cerebral spinal fluid. It is the protection and nutrition to the nerves residing there.
Hi Kevin. The thecal sac is the connective tissue that surrounds the spinal cord. The report is saying that you have some compression of this outer part of the cord. Effacement means
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The back and neck are where the ventral thecal sac is attenuated. This is located within the spinal vertebrae. It is a kind of necessary padding between the vertebrae.
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